When London Welcomed Chavez

In 2006, President Hugo Chavez visited London as a guest of Mayor Ken Livingstone. During his visit President Chavez addressed the TUC, a packed meeting of MPs in Parliament and a huge public rally. As we mark the tenth anniversary of the death of Hugo Chavez on March 5, below we print some key quotes …

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Time to end the US blockage against Venezuela | Ken Livingstone

Opposing US and UK sanction on Venezuela will remain a top international priority in 2023, writes Ken Livingstone AS Venezuela enters the latter half of President Nicolas Maduro’s second term in office, the time is ripe for an overview of where the country currently stands, especially regarding ongoing attempts from the US and its allies …

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VIDEO: Free Alex Saab!

For our new monthly YouTube show, we interviewed our Secretary Francisco Dominguez on the importance of the Alex Saab case. For more info on the international campaign see

Understanding Maduro’s successful socialist economic strategy

By Francisco Dominguez, for The Morning Star In its intensely biased coverage of Venezuela during the hard years of 2014-21 the mainstream media wheeled in every imaginable academic pundit to “demonstrate” that the country’s economic woes were the result of President Nicolas Maduro overseeing Venezuela’s slide “into authoritarianism and economic collapse” (the Guardian, January 24 …

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INTERVIEW: What’s the latest from Venezuela?

The Venezuela Solidarity Campaign interviewed Calvin Tucker of the ‘Morning Star’ after his recent visit to Venezuela, which included attending an international conference to mark 20 years since the Venezuelan people defeated the US-backed coup against Hugo Chavez.

Twenty years of unremitting US hostility to Venezuela – end sanctions now!

By Tim Young, activist with the Venezuela Solidarity Campaign Twenty years ago in Venezuela a right-wing military coup backed by the US briefly overthrew President Hugo Chávez before loyal armed forces units and a mass uprising by Caracas’s barrios returned Chávez to the presidency.  Undeterred, the right-wing opposition then launched a three-month sabotage of the …

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US Hands Off Latin America!

by Ken Livingstone AS I write this column, news is coming through of a stunning presidential election victory in Honduras for progressive candidate Xiomara Castro. Overcoming fierce opposition from those with wealth and power is always an impressive feat, but this is a particularly remarkable achievement for the Honduran left in the context of the …

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