On the anniversary of the attempted coup d’etat against Hugo Chavez’ elected government, VSC Secretary Francisco Dominguez explained the significance of the events in 2002 & the ongoing legacy of the popular uprising to restore democracy.

Adán Chávez Frías speaks out against US aggression on Venezuela

– From the meeting: Fighting blockades & Covid-19: Why US sanctions in Latin America must end, 3 Oct 2020 hosted by the Cuba Solidarity Campaign, Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign Action Group and Venezuela Solidarity Campaign

Venezuela: Exposing UK complicity in Trump’s regime change plan (8 June 2020)

– With investigative journalist John McEvoy (who exposed UK Unit for Venezuela ‘reconstruction‘), Dr. Francisco Dominguez, Susan Grey, VSC, Colin Burgon of Labour Friends of Progressive Latin America.

Briefing: Venezuela, Trump, Sanctions & Covid-19 in Latin America (8 April 2020)

Tariq Ali explains role of media in destabilising Venezuela
– Speaking at the London ‘No War On Venezuela’ Rally on 31 January 2019 organised by Venezuela Solidarity Campaign, Tariq Ali explains the US’s new strategy in South America and how the attempted coup in Venezuela is the latest example of the strategy of corrupting the existing institutions of society to topple elected government. He also exposes Juan Guaido as a ‘right wing thug’ trained in the US to carry out regime change.