Campaign pack: End Sanctions on Venezuela

Model Motion: Opposing the Blockade on Venezuela (pdf)
Briefing: The Impact of Sanctions on Venezuela (pdf) (updated March 2024)
Factsheet: Why and how the Bank of England is not returning Venezuela’s gold. (pdf) (updated August 23)

Selfie sign End Sanctions on Venezuela (pdf) (tag @vensolidarity in tweets)

Join form (individuals) (pdf)

Affiliation form  (organisations) (pdf)

Please return affiliation forms & petitions to Venezuela Solidarity Campaign, c/o 33-37 Moreland Street, London EC1V 8VB

Fact Sheet: 2024 Presidential Elections (By Venezuelan Embassy to Trinidad & Tobago) – June 2024

Briefing: Venezuelan Presidential Elections 2024 (pdf) – April 2024


Executive Summary: Briefing on electoral arrangements for 6 december 2020 election  (pdf)-  October 2020

Briefing: The effects of the economic blockade of Venezuela  (pdf) – Updated June 2020

 Briefing: Social progress in Venezuela since Chavez’ election (pdf) – updated Summer 2018

Briefing: Political Violence in Venezuela (pdf) – period March – November 2017