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Venezuela Solidarity Campaign

"The US wants to get its hands on Venezuelan oil."

Well done to these protesters in Derby last week who said #NoWaronVenezuela - #NoBloodForOil !

A spokesperson for the protest said to us:

"Derby people gathered in Morledge on Friday evening to oppose US attempts to organise a coup against President Maduro and the Venezuelan government. Their message was that a crime against the people is planned to be committed in the name of the British people, as the British government has shamefully followed US President Trump in calling for a military coup. The US wants to get its hands on Venezuelan oil, and takes exception to a Government that puts the needs of the poorest people first, rather than the billionaires. So they say Maduro has to go, in favour of their tame Venezuelan celebrity Juan Guaido.
The US strategy for 20 years has been to undermine the Venezuelan economy to the point of collapse, thus creating a humanitarian crisis, in order to justify a direct attack the Venezuelan government. They think they have achieved this.
The Derby protestors said to the public that every nation has a right to make its own way in the world without interference, and that people have the right to elect their own government… whether those people are Venezuelan or British – and asked if we would accept Trump telling us we can’t have Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister... which he would if he could. Watch this space… This is everybody’s battle!
There was a very positive response from the public."
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Add your name to our statement against US aggression and in defence of Venezuela's sovereignty: https://t.co/GmpyWGHKuk

'There are no easy answers. But in thinking it through, we should be guided by three principles: non-interventionism; self-determination; and solidarity with the oppressed.'


URGENT ACTION NEEDED: Trump's support for a coup and regime change in Venezuela goes directly against international law. This is an extremely dangerous situation.

RT and sign this petition to say: 'No to US intervention and backing for coups!'

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