Make a contribution to the campaign
against US intervention in Venezuela

As you know, this is a very difficult time for Venezuela, with the Trump administration threatening military action and invoking the idea of a right-wing coup, such as Chile saw in 1973 and Bolivia in 2019. The UK is slavishly following this agenda, with an eye to a share in any post-coup spoils.

In response, we’re campaigning harder than ever, but to do this we need your support. Our work has included:

  • Our Guardian letter signed by John McDonnell, Diane Abbott and others (and attacked by the Tories in Parliament)

  • Our picket of the Bank of England for refusing to hand back Venezuela’s gold, which got widespread international media coverage

  • Our emergency rally, which was widely covered in Venezuela itself

  • Our successful recent #NoWaronVenezuela protest.

  • Over 30 events across the country, plus speaking at over 70 union, Labour and other meetings, including those run by local groups

  • Our new programme of on-line meetings, reaching different audiences

  • Our social media is reaching 10,000s of people every week and growing by the day

We now need your support to further step up campaigning. Please give £20 or what you can afford here, to enable more activity to be organised against Trump’s war agenda. Your donations of any size make a real difference, so please chip in today online or send a cheque payable to Venezuela Solidarity Campaign at VSC, c/o 33-37 Moreland Street, London EC1V 8VB

Many thanks for your support,

Dr. Francisco Dominguez Venezuela Solidarity Campaign..