Make a contribution to the campaign
against US intervention in Venezuela

This is a difficult time for Venezuela. The US’s desire to secure ‘regime change’ – which has seen threats of war, an assassination attempt on the President, an attempted coup and incursions by paramilitary forces – has not gone away. We need your help today to build international resistance to this illegal ‘regime change’ agenda.

The US’s illegal sanctions on Venezuela’s trade and economy remain effectively a blockade – not unlike that experienced by Cuba. Imports of food and essential medical supplies are regularly blocked. We need to raise awareness of this blockade and its human impacts – please chip in £20 today.

The UK has been complicit throughout, including through the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s “Reconstruction Unit”, set up to plan for UK private companies to move in in the event of a change of regime. The refusal of the Bank of England to release Venezuela’s gold deposits to fund imports of food and medicines via the UN Development Programme is further evidence of UK hostility.

We have been active against these threats, organising over 12,000 people to say ‘Give Venezuela Back Its Gold’ and having online events viewed by 1000s of people to tell the truth about Venezuela. Please give us what you can here so we can expose the Tories’ reactionary agenda.

Our priority remains opposing further attempts to destabilise and ultimately overthrow the elected Maduro Government, while supporting dialogue in Venezuela as a peaceful way forward to resolve difficulties. Our plans include a series of online events, reaching 20,000 signatures on our anti-sanctions petition and continuing to rebut media misrepresentations aimed at isolating Venezuela internationally.

Please give £20 or what you can afford here, to enable more activity to be organised against the US’s ‘regime change’ agenda. Your donations of any size make a real difference, so please chip in today online or send a cheque payable to Venezuela Solidarity Campaign at VSC, c/o 33-37 Moreland Street, London EC1V 8VB

Many thanks for your support.