Venezuela Solidarity Campaign activities since lockdown, March 2020

Since the pandemic broke in the UK in March 2020, VSC has continued to be active in defence of Venezuela’s right to national sovereignty, campaigning against the imposition of economic sanctions by the US, with support primarily from the UK and the EU.

In addition, VSC has also participated in and supported the work of other organisations such as Labour Friends of Progressive Latin America (LFPLA), Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign (NSC), Cuba Solidarity Campaign (CSC), Friends of Bolivia (FOB), Brazil Solidarity Initiative (BSI) and other solidarity groups campaigning against neo-liberalism and intervention in Latin America.

This work has taken the form of online meetings (often recorded and made available online), accompanying articles and write-ups (in, for example, Labour Outlook and Morning Star, and on organisations websites and Facebook pages), petitions, briefings and statements.

Events – VSC

Online Briefing: Venezuela, Trump, Sanctions & Covid-19

VSC Online Event. Venezuela: Exposing UK complicity in Trump’s regime change plan. June 8 2020.

VSC, CSC & NSCAG Online Event. October 3 2020: Fighting blockades & COVID-19: Why US sanctions in Latin America must end. With Adan Chavez & other special guests.


VSC supporters briefing. What’s really going on in Venezuela? 12 October 2020:

Second VSC Supporters Briefing, Venezuela After the Elections. December 9 2020.
VSC event: Venezuela & the US – Sanctions, Elections & National Sovereignty. 23 November 2020. With Carlos Ron.

Further VSC joint event with NSCAG & CSC: Trump has gone – time to end US sanctions on Cuba, Nicaragua & Venezuela. February 13 2021.

VSC event: Venezuela: End Sanctions, Give Back the Gold 2 June 2021

VSC event (supported by the Labour Friends of Progressive Latin America)“US Sanctions Deny the Right of Venezuelans to Food – Another Crime Against Humanity” 5 July 2021

Events – Others

Friends of Bolivia event (supported by Labour Friends of Progressive Latin America & a range of solidarity groups): Bolivia 6 months on from the coup

Online event in April 2020.

LFPLA statement: No to the coup regime in Bolivia – no to violent repression & austerity (marking six months since the military coup that removed President Evo Morales from office) May 2020.

Brazil Solidarity Initiative event: Brazil’s Coronavirus Catastrophe

(with Jeremy Corbyn, Dilma Rousseff, Glenn Greenwald & Claudia Webbe MP) 25 Jun 2020

Online event with VSC participation and other groups: Resisting Trump in Latin America – Building Links and Solidarity. 4 July 2020

LFPLA event: The US, Latin America, neo-liberalism & alternatives today

– Rafael Correa & Jeremy Corbyn in conversation 2 days after the US Election.5 November 2020

LFPLA event: Ecuador’s Election: Socialists Set for Victory – Democracy Under Attack! 7 April 2021

LFPLA event: Bolivia – People Power, Hope & Solidarity 19 April 2021.

With: Eyewitness speakers from Bolivia including journalist Ollie Vargas Plus: Jeremy Corbyn MP, Miriam Colque (Bolivian activist in London), Alex Main (US based Director of International Policy at the Center for Economic & Policy Research). Chair: Christine Blower (Labour Friends of Progressive Latin America.)

Friends of Bolivia event (supported by Labour Friends of Progressive Latin America and a range of solidarity and labour movement groups)

Solidarity with Bolivia – Hope & People Power 19 April 2021 – marking six months since the Left’s historic election victory and defeat of the coup in Bolivia.

Wiphalas across the World event International solidarity session 30 June 2021 (withFriends of Bolivia speaker)

LFPLA statement: Solidarity with Peru – Democracy, Self-determination & Social Progress (applauding Left victory in Peru’s presidential election) 3 Aug 2021

LPFLA event: Latin America’s Struggle: Opposing US Intervention, Neoliberalism & the Far-Right

(with Dr Francisco Dominguez, VSC General Secretary) 18 August 2021

Friends of Bolivia event (supported by Labour Friends of Progressive Latin America & a range of solidarity groups):

Bolivia Shows There is An Alternative: Putting People & Planet First 18 October 2021. Online event to mark 1 year since the historic victory of the Movement Towards Socialism (MAS) in Bolivia’s Presidential elections.

Thanks to VSC Secretary Francisco Dominguez for speaking at dozens of online events, meetings and interviews over the last 18 months.

Petitions against US sanctions & IMF

Oppose Trump’s sanctions on Venezuela (June 2020)

Oppose U.S. sanctions on Venezuela (2021)

IMF – Grant Venezuela its COVID-19 Emergency Loan (Spring 2020)

Briefings etc:

VSC Statement on Assembly Elections: December 2020

Q&A: National Assembly Elections 6th December 2020 December 2020

Executive Summary: Briefing on electoral arrangements for 6 december 2020 election  October 2020

Briefing: The struggle continues: events in Venezuela since autumn 2019  June 2020

Briefing: The effects of the economic blockade of Venezuela  Updated June 2020

Withholding of Venezuela’s gold:

Statement Give Venezuela Back Its Gold – No to Trump’s Illegal ‘Regime Change’ Agenda 3 July 2020

Statement on Appeal Court ruling Oct 2020

Petition to give Venezuela back its gold at

Report of online meeting at

Statement on the current UK Supreme Court case on the Bank of England withholding Venezuela’s gold: Give Venezuela back its gold! July 2021

With thanks to those who contributed to our online financial appeal in winter 2020 which enabled many of these activities.