Venezuela Solidarity Campaign Statement on Assembly Elections

VSC congratulates Venezuela on the successful completion of elections for a new National Assembly.

Venezuelans voted on Sunday to choose 277 legislators from more than 14,400 candidates registered by 107 national and regional political organizations. Over 300 international observers were present and confirmed the transparency of the process.

Despite threats of violence from extreme right wing opposition forces, election day went smoothly and all polling stations remained open, with biosecurity measures in place.

The National Electoral Council announced the results, with 67.6 of the votes for the government-led coalition Gran Polo Patriotic; followed by the Alianza Democr√°tica/Democratic Alliance with 17.5 percent and Venezuela Unida/United Venezuela with 4.19 percent. Delegates will take office in January.

Once again, despite negative propaganda from abroad, Venezuelan citizens have shown their commitment to democracy and exercised their right to determine their own future.