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As Ken Livingstone points out, the US has a long and bloody history when it comes to Latin America- making prominent Republican Marco Rubio's call for a military coup in Venezuela all the more chilling.
As this kind of aggression is ratcheted up, let's redouble our efforts to say no to intervention and yes to self-determination.
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Is military intervention from Trump & co coming for Venezuela?

Watch & SHARE if you say no blood for oil ↓
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Read how US sanctions are disasterous for Venezuelans.

Blockading Venezuela: the linchpin of the US strategy of aggression https://t.co/hVebHy6rle

This meeting on October 13th is a great opportunity to hear broadcaster and long-standing solidarity campaigner @GeorgeGalloway discuss the life and legacy of President Chávez, 20 years on from his first electoral victory.
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After the 45th anniversary of the coup against Allende in Chile, @LenMcCluskey reminds us right-wing forces & their allies in the Trump administration still seek the same course of action in countries like Venezuela.
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