Venezuelans Overwehlmingly Support Chavismo in Upcoming Presidential Elections: Hinterlaces Poll

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The current political situation in Venezuela is highly favorable for Chavismo in the upcoming presidential elections according to the latest poll by the Venezuelan consulting firm Hinterlaces. The poll also revealed a vast majority of the population has no confidence in the opposition.

On Friday, March 8, Hinterlaces published a report with the results of its recent opinion poll just four months before the presidential elections scheduled for July 28.

The well-known pollster, which has a respectable record of success in electoral terms, highlighted that “today only 9% support the opposition parties, while the [ruling party] PSUV has the support of 35% of the electorate, four times higher [than the opposition].”

La campaña electoral presidencial arranca con una correlación de fuerzas ampliamente favorable al Chavismo.

Hoy apenas 9% simpatiza con los partidos de oposición, mientras que el PSUV recibe el respaldo de 35% de los electores, cuatro veces más.

90% de los venezolanos opina que…

— Hinterlaces (@Hinterlaces) March 8, 2024

The survey further revealed that “90% of Venezuelans are of the opinion that the opposition is very divided and that it needs new leadership.”

“Three out of four voters do not believe that an eventual opposition government will be able to solve the economic problems of the country, while 56% affirm that the economic situation is improving,” the report highlighted.

According to the pollster’s analysis, the Venezuelan opposition is not able to convince the population because the opposition leadership “comes from the social elites that are very distant from the popular sentiment and the expectations of the majorities.” Moreover, the opposition does not have any proposals that could convince the majority of Venezuelans.

On the contrary, “Chavismo has become an emotional community, a social identity and a political culture,” the report highlighted. “Chavismo has become more than an ideology; it is a system of values, beliefs, symbols, and emotions.”

“In these conditions, it is very difficult for the opposition to emerge as an alternative for the next presidential elections on July 28,” the polling firm commented. “Currently, 55% of voters believe that if the presidential elections were held today, President Maduro would be reelected.”

The Hinterlaces poll thus contradicts the narrative launched by right-wing Venezuelan and international imperialist media in recent days claiming that the majority of Venezuelans reject President Nicolás Maduro and insinuating that his re-election is very unlikely. However, the reality on the ground and the optimism generated by the considerable economic improvement achieved by the Maduro administration point in the opposite direction.

In this situation, “Venezuelans are aiming less for alternation [in government] and more for alternatives,” the Hinterlaces analysis concluded.