President Maduro Denounces US Funding To Venezuelan Opposition

Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro Sunday denounced Washington is handing over Venezuelan money frozen in U.S. federal reserves and banks worldwide to opposition leader Juan Guaido.

“The White House has no limits. It is usurping and giving away our resources to these gangsters,” Maduro warned and informed that President Joe Biden’s administration will deliver Guaido over Venezuelan US$150 million to Guaido.

The president, who received this information from an anonymous source, warned that this money will finance the political, psychological, and media war against Venezuela. 

Last Wednesday, Maduro rejected the discredit campaign carried out by the opposition in social networks regarding the one-month-old conflict on the border with Colombia.

The president recalled that “the communicational war generates immense fortunes. The money that they steal from us and that belongs to the Venezuelan people is being destined to finance these infamous political campaigns.”

During former President Donald Trump’s administration (2016-2021), Guaido received about $1.7 billion from the U.S. to generate destabilizing actions against the Venezuelan government.

According to a national poll, over 85 percent of Venezuelans reject the mafia-like leadership of Guaido.

This article originally appered on Telesur English