URGENT: Statement from Dr Francisco Dominguez, National Secretary of the Venezuela Solidarity Campaign.

We have just received information from Venezuela, that a heavily armed mercenary invasion coming from Colombia in fast boats tried to land in the coast of La Guaira state, with clear intentions to carry out terrorist attacks probably including an assault on the presidential palace and the assassination of Chavista national political leaders, including ministers.

The terrorist raid has been intercepted by Venezuelan security forces, their intention to carry out terrorist attacks has been foiled, and several of the mercenaries have been captured and are in detention. A large amount of war materiel has been seized from the terrorists. Venezuelan authorities have informed that the county is calm, all social and security forces have been mobilised and urged to be vigilant, though the country as a whole is calm.

This latest terrorist attack is one more of the many Venezuela has been enduring in the last few year, which have included even a terrorist attack on President Maduro himself and the political and military high command of the Bolivarian government (August 2019) and also a badly disguised effort to push so-called ‘humanitarian aid’ through military means so as to create and international incident so as to justify an external (US military) intervention. In almost every case the investigation trail leads to Colombia, and Washington. This is no surprise since the heavily US-subordinated Colombian government of Ivan Duque and that of President Trump have made explicit repeatedly their intention to bring about #regime change’ in Venezuela. The Venezuelan government has repeatedly denounced the existence of military training camps for these terrorists in Colombian territory with the acquiescence and complicity of the Colombian authorities. Not once, in 20 years of Bolivarian government, has Venezuela carried out any type of aggression whatsoever to either Colombia or the United States.

This latest terrorist attack must also be condemned outright and unequivocally by everyone who believe in the rule of international law and peace and conviviality among nations. It is about time Colombia stop breaking international law and allow its territory to be used for terrorist incursions into Venezuela. We call on the Colombian government to close immediately all such training camps for terrorists.

We must also condemn unequivocally and energetically the grotesque decision by President Donald Trump to offer millions of dollars as bounty for the heads of President Maduro and other high officials of the Bolivarian government in Venezuela. This represents a very retrograde step for a modern nation such as the US in which, violating the most basic principles of the rule of law, publicly and officially its authorities encourage the perpetration of crimes (through ‘outsourcing’ as it were) to obtain its unspeakable political objectives, namely, ‘regime change’ in Venezuela so as to take possession of the largest reserves of oil in the planet.

US fight the pandemic do not wage war! US hands off Venezuela!