PRESS RELEASE: Protesters demand Bank of England returns Venezuela’s gold

PRESS RELEASE: Protesters demand Bank of England returns Venezuela’s gold




Opponents of Donald Trump’s war drive against Venezuela held a picket Thursday demanding that the Bank of England gives Venezuela back its gold.

Over 150 protestors were drawing attention to the fact that the Bank of England is holding $1.3 billion worth of Venezuelan gold (31 tonnes) and is refusing to release it to Venezuela.

The demonstration was addressed by Chris Williamson MP, who repeated the call he recently made in Parliament for supporting dialogue in Venezuela rather than Trump’s illegal ‘regime change’ agenda.

You can see a photo album of the demonstration here

A VSC spokesperson said, “To have over 150 people turn out at short notice to show their support for Venezuela’s national sovereignty shows that across the labour, anti-war and other progressive movements in Britain there is increasing opposition to Trump’s illegal ‘regime change’ agenda in Venezuela.”

Ken Livingstone, former Mayor of London, who attended the protest added, “The holding of this Venezuelan gold by the Bank of England is part of Britain’s slavish following of Trump’s support for a coup and possible military intervention in Venezuela. Instead of kow-towing to the US, the UK should support dialogue and a negotiated settlement.”

Doug Nicholls, Vice Chair of the Venezuela Solidarity Campaign and GFTU General Secretary said about the reasons for the protest: “Piracy seems to be up and running at the Bank of England. On the one hand British politicians cry crocodile tears over what they see as impoverishment and hunger in Venezuela, on the other they ignore even the UN’s recognition that much of this has been caused by US sanctions, and to rub salt into the wound they’re trying steal Venezuela’s gold.”