Venezuela achieves nationwide health coverage

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After Cuba, Venezuela is the second country in the world to provide complete health coverage for its almost 32 million inhabitants.

Trump Spells Bad News For Latin America

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The election of Donald Trump as US president was received as a shock in Latin America. During his election campaign, Trump promised the Miami-Cuban exile community in Florida he would reverse Obama’s normalisation of relations with Cuba. He made threatening remarks against Venezuela’s Bolivarian government and met prominent members of that country’s extreme right. He…

Trump’s Regime Change Agenda Against Venezuela

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How the Organisation of American States and right-wing groupings are conspiring to oust democratically elected president Maduro- Francisco Dominguez

Venezuela Rejects “Interventionist” Statement by US Southern Command Chief

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The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela categorically rejects and protests the comments expressed by Admiral Kurt Tidd, commander of the United States Southern Command, which lay the groundwork for an attack on Venezuela under the aegis of the false doctrine of collective regional security. 

Luis Almagro’s attacks against Venezuela rejected by the OAS


Venezuela came under attack this week at the Organisation of American States (OAS) but with the support of its regional allies escaped the immediate and serious consequences of the action against them.

Coup d’ Etat? Has Venezuelan Parliament Been Dissolved?


These are the key questions facing Venezuela’s current political conflict, which surfaced from a March 29th High Court’s (HC) ruling which assumed incidental functions from the Venezuelan parliament, finding itself today in contempt, and administratively null and void.

Social Organisations of Venezuela and the World Condemn OAS attitude towards Venezuela


Venezuelan and international social movements have penned a letter to the Organisation of American States over their recent attempts to illegitimately declare a break of constitutional order in Venezuela and to invoke the Inter-American democratic charter in order to justify external intervention. A shortened version of the communique has been published below:   The subscribers of this…

Trump Casts A Shadow Over Latin America

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PATRICK FOLEY takes a look at what the new administration is likely to mean for the US’s southern neighbours DONALD TRUMP’S first few months in office have sent shockwaves across the globe, from a worldwide women’s protest to a 1.8 million-strong petition to the British Parliament, but as his anti-Latin rhetoric becomes reality, Latin Americans…

Venezuela Half-Way To Chavez’s Dream: 3M New Homes


The public housing program is innovating for requiring its inhabitants to self-organize in order to complete construction and pay back the state loan. Venezuela reached the halfway point of its goal to build three million homes for poor Venezuelans this week, the only program of its kind and one of the government’s most successful ones….

Hugo Chavez Still Venezuela’s Most Popular President: Poll


Another poll showed that Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto’s approval rate has fallen down to 17 percent — the lowest rate of his term, initiated in December 2012 Venezuela’s former socialist President Hugo Chavez remains the most popular president in the country’s history, according to a recent poll by the independent think tank Hinterlaces. According…