VIDEO: What is really happening in Venezuela? Francisco Dominguez on Sputnik

What is really happening in Venezuela? VSC Secretary Francisco Dominguez joins Neil Clarke on Sputnik on Russia Today to cut through the biased reporting by western mainstream media & get to the facts.

Despite Previous Calls for a Constituent Assembly, Venezuela Opposition Now Rejects Measure


After denying President Maduro’s invitation for dialogue, opposition leaders now reject a measure they had demanded since 2013. Opposition leaders called on their supporters “to shake up the country” and reject the invoking of a National Constituent Assembly, a measure that President Nicolas Maduro announced on May Day in a bid to appease social tensions…

Venezuelan President Calls for Popular Assembly to Remake Constitution


Speaking to tens of thousands of supporters gathered to commemorate International Workers Day, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced he would call a constituent assembly, effectively remaking the country’s constitution. “Today, on May 1, I announce that I will use my presidential privileges as constitutional head of state in accordance with article 347, to convene the…

Uruguay’s Mujica: Opposition, OAS Leader Almagro Endangering Venezuela and Region

Former guerrilla leader and Uruguay's leading presidential candidate Jose Mujica gestures during a Reuters interview in Montevideo September 7, 2009. Mujica, a 74-year-old blunt-talking senator who was jailed during a 1973-85 military dictatorship, is hoping to keep the country's leftist ruling coalition in power. Picture taken September 7, 2009.  REUTERS/Andres Stapff (URUGUAY)

For the former Uruguayan president, the actions of Almagro from the OAS are a danger not only for Venezuela but for the continent. Former Uruguayan President Jose “Pepe” Mujica slammed violence protests by radical sectors Venezuela’s opposition as well the actions of the Organization of American States’ general-secretary, saying they are putting the South American…

Bolivia’s Evo Morales Criticizes How the OAS is Manipulated


The Bolivian president says the secretary-general of the OAS is trying to stage a coup against Venezuela. Bolivian President Evo Morales denounced Sunday the undemocratic and meddling actions of the secretary-general of the Organization of American States, who, working in concert with the U.S. and right-wing governments in the region is trying to topple the…

Extreme Right-Wing Would ‘Burn Down Venezuela if They Could’ – Opposition Leader

Photo: Telesur TV

Extremist right-wing elements of the opposition are a major roadblock obstructing the country from resolving its political impasse. A prominent Venezuelan right-wing leader condemned the anarchy and vandalism being carried out by radical members of the opposition and said that there’s a large sector within the opposition who actually support dialogue with the government of…

Venezuela Opposition Criticizes Pope’s Call for Dialogue


Pope Francis called on the opposition to go back to the dialogue with the Venezuelan government. They refused. The head of the opposition in Venezuela criticized Pope Francis after the Catholic leader called on them to resume dialogue with the government, indicating a division among their ranks. Henrique Capriles rejected the Pope’s call for dialogue…

Venezuela Delivers Letter Formalizing Exit from ‘Coercive’ OAS


“Washington will never determine Venezuela’s destiny,” said Venezuela’s OAS representative Samuel Moncada. Samuel Moncada, Permanent Representative of Venezuela to the Organization of American States, OAS, delivered a letter to the regional body on behalf of President Nicolas Maduro on Friday formalizing the country’s exit. Slamming the organization’s “coercive” and “interventionist” attacks against Venezuela, Moncada reaffirmed…

The Destructive Tactics of Venezuela’s Opposition – Dr Francisco Dominguez

Photo: Telesur TV

Opposition groups in Venezuela have been waging an economic war in Venezuela, similar to that perpetrated against Chile’s President Allende. Hoarding, smuggling and currency speculation has caused shortages of food and basic necessities and hardship, particularly for poorer people.  

OPINION: The Guardian Takes Aim at Venezuela’s Democracy


The British newspaper recently published an editorial saying that President Nicolas Maduro’s government must be threatened with “pariah status” writes Joe Emersberger.