Venezuelan Right-Wing Opposition Launches Campaign to Oust Nicolas Maduro

Venezuela’s opposition launched on Tuesday a campaign to remove socialist President Nicolas Maduro from power, calling for his immediate resignation along with plans to hold a presidential recall referendum.

“We call on the entire Venezuelan people in order to force Maduro to resign as the President of the country,” the Executive Secretary of the Democratic Unity coalition Jesus Torrealba told reporters.

The other mechanism sought by the opposition coalition is a constitutional amendment to cut Maduro’s term. That could be requested either by the National Assembly or 2.9 million voters, paving the way for a recall referendum

Torrealba called on Venezuelans to take to the streets this coming Saturday to demand Maduro’s resignation.

In Caracas, Torrealba said, the rally will gather at Francisco de Miranda Avenue, while adding that they would notify of the other locations across the country in the following days.

“They want to organize street rallies to generate violence and bring about a coup, supported by U.S. imperialism,” the Socialist Party’s powerful No. 2 Diosdado Cabello and former National Assembly head said this week.

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