Trump’s Threats of a “Military Option” in Venezuela Rejected in Britain

After Donald Trump threatened the use of a “military option” in Venezuela this weekend, figures from Britain have joined a chorus of voices across the world expressing their opposition to such a move.


Chris Williamson MP said, “Trump’s refusal to rule out military action when it comes to Venezuela has been widely condemned by governments across the political spectrum in Latin America. All governments internationally should seek to facilitate dialogue in Venezuela – in contrast to this, US sanctions and military threats will only exacerbate the country’s difficulties and divisions.”


Tony Burke, Unite the Union Assistant General Secretary and VSC Vice-Chair, said, “Threats of military intervention in Venezuela by the USA will not help the situation. The Pentagon is distancing itself from Trump’s sabre rattling and there has already been a ‘bad reaction’ in the country itself to possible military action – it is not wanted by anyone. What is needed is an end to violence and a proper dialogue – as countries in the region and the EU have called for this week.”


Lindsey German, Convenor of the Stop the War Coalition, said, It is easy to laugh at Donald Trump but his warmongering is no laughing matter. Not content with stoking possible nuclear war over Korea, Trump has now threatened military intervention in Venezuela. While there has long been covert intervention in Latin America this marks a decisive increase in rhetoric. We must campaign now to prevent all US intervention military or otherwise in a sovereign country.”


Dr. Francisco Dominguez, VSC Secretary, Latin American expert and co-author of Right-Wing Politics in the New Latin America, said,” Donald Trump’s threat of military action in Venezuela is a further, deeply concerning, escalation of US intervention and hostility. It is thoroughly unacceptable and a flagrant violation of international law to sanction and threaten Venezuela with military aggression to remove the democratically elected government, supposedly because of a domestic election which is legal and constitutional, and over which the US has no jurisdiction whatsoever.


He added, “Trump’s remarks follow Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and the head of the CIA both pronouncing their ‘regime change’ intentions when it comes to Venezuela. Dialogue is needed in Venezuela, not sanctions and military threats from the Trump administration.”



  1. The Venezuela Solidarity Campaign brings together a wide range of people and organisations who are against external intervention and support self-determination for Venezuela and the nations of Latin America more broadly. Within this broad coalition, people have a wide range of views with regards to political developments within the country itself.