Social Organisations of Venezuela and the World Condemn OAS attitude towards Venezuela

Venezuelan and international social movements have penned a letter to the Organisation of American States over their recent attempts to illegitimately declare a break of constitutional order in Venezuela and to invoke the Inter-American democratic charter in order to justify external intervention. A shortened version of the communique has been published below:


The subscribers of this communication -democratic citizens, peacemakers, activists of social movements, convinced human rights defenders- we address through you, with all due respect, to the Permanent Council of the Organization of American States to alert its members about the vicious intention of trying to convince them that in Venezuela there is a rupture of the constitutional order, a humanitarian crisis, or any extreme situation that could lead them to improperly apply the Inter-American Democratic Charter and create conditions to propitiate any armed intervention of the United States,  because the unilateral coercive measures, prohibited in international law and in the Charter of this Organization, have already been applied.


Most of the Member States of the Organization, represented in this Council, has their diplomatic offices in Venezuela, so they are fully aware that the claim to sanction our country has no support. There is no possible deception.

In Venezuela, 18 years ago the people decided to build their way, from the perspective of participatory democracy, what we call the Bolivarian Revolution. In Venezuela, there are full fundamental freedoms. We have a government that uses public resources to invest in people and furthermore, and that is why we elected it, so that we are at the centre of its public policies, not of the ‘God Market’, so that the people become protagonists of the economic fact.


In Venezuela we have the same problems suffered by your own countries. The difference is that we possess enormous wealth and we also had President Hugo Chavez, who raised the flags of socialism, sovereignty, Latin American and Caribbean union, who vigorously raised and practiced international solidarity, thus vindicating the libertarian dreams of Bolivar, the Liberator.


Paradoxically, those who, from Venezuela, have been supporting interventionist ambitions against our own homeland are also those who carried out a bloody coup attempt in April 2002. Since then, they have not changed their intolerant behaviour and have been conducting, together with their economic and commercial agents, a brutal Economic War against the people. They have done so in such a way that it has even produced great profits for them. They try to despair our people. They are looking for an internal confrontation. They have not succeeded because we have the government of President Nicolas Maduro, who has been able to face the economic war, despite the fall in oil prices, by adopting specific measures to guarantee our people’s access to food and medicines. In addition, all Missions and Great Missions continue to work and reach their goals, which are at the heart of the social programs of the Revolution.


The enemies of our Bolivarian democracy are the enemies of the process of National Dialogue in Venezuela because they need to keep the unease alive, as an excuse to assault the legitimate power.


They still follow the same obsessive plan even though they were fairly defeated in their attempted coup d’état on April 11, 2002. They were forgiven by President Hugo Chavez, but since then they have not stopped ignoring and disrespecting, in one way or another, the will of the Venezuelan people to continue supporting, stronger than ever, the political project favouring a participatory and empowering democracy, that is, the main foundation for the democratic and social rule of law and justice contained in the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.


As always, their actions have been invariable, suicidal, intolerant, violent and disrespectful of the Bolivarian Constitution. Actually, they had the opportunity, as never before, to be a democratic option in the Legislative Power, but they failed to do so. On the contrary, they increased their hatred and did not understand the power that they were granted by the people.

We refer to those who, after having enough electoral support to lead the National Assembly, surprisingly presented on January 5, 2016 -the very same day of its installation-, a plan to overthrow the Constitutional President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, irrespective of the fact that our Constitution does not confer any authority to undertake actions of this kind against the Head of State to the Legislative Power.


They attempted to create confrontations between the public authorities, but our Constitution was drafted in order to maintain the stability of the State. The conduct of the antidemocratic opposition is so erratic and incongruous that, after having illegally decreed the disappearance from office of the President of the Republic, opposition parliament members require the Head of State to present his Annual Report and Accounts to the Nation in the National Assembly’s Hemicycle. That is to say, they are not trustworthy.

Unfortunately, the National Assembly is still held in contempt by decision of its current leaders, who have been repeatedly invited to return to the path of the Constitution. It is also necessary to address two situations that the opposition has been unduly handling.


In 2016, given the significant internal differences between the political groups composing the opposition, they failed to reach an agreement for a recall referendum in a politically convenient time, that is, from the second half of the presidential term, as provided in the Constitution. In addition to this delay, they presented fraudulent and illegal signatures by underage and deceased individuals, which invalidated the long referendum process.


However, the essential fact is that a hypothetical victory on the recall referendum would not take place before 2017, and it would not necessarily grant them entry to Miraflores, since the Executive Vice President must assume the Presidency of the Republic until the end of the term of office. Needless to say, it is public knowledge that the many claims of fraud and constitutional violations motivated citizens to form themselves into committees of fraud victims, which led judicial mechanisms to defend their rights.


Unfortunately, the power-hungry bigoted opposition has not been able either to understand its role or assume its responsibilities as an important part of the National Public Authority.


Mister Chair of the Council, Distinguished Permanent Representatives,

Dialogue has been and is the only privileged option in our homeland in times of democratic Revolution. It has the support of the majority of the Venezuelan people and also is promoted by Pope Francis, UNASUR and the former Presidents Martin Torrijos from Panama, Leonel Fernandez from Dominican Republic, and Jose Luis Zapatero from Spain.


Our people are a defender of its sovereignty. It gave its life to build a common homeland and it is determined to reiterate its feat so as to defend, if necessary, the Homeland. Therefore, our people only conceives and accepts relations in the international community based on the strict observance of the principles of international law, among which, self-determination and sovereignty of the people shall prevail.


Thus, the Organization of American States has tangible evidence of our deep democratic conviction of peace and dialogue. Venezuela has demonstrated that it profoundly appreciates peace, and has also made important efforts to preserve it in the entire region. The generous mark from the support given by Commander Hugo Chavez and our current Constitutional President Nicolas Maduro Moros is present in a myriad of forms and in all circumstances, for the dialogue and negotiations of peace in Colombia.


Our people wishes and is guarantying the same for itself. Thus, the new phase of the interventionist plan made by those who intend to undermine the will of the Venezuelan people raises concern.


It is truism, but we must say it. Luis Almagro does not represent us. We do not recognize his prerogative to speak or act on behalf of the Venezuelan people. In fact, his open behaviour allows us to infer that he does not have any moral, emotional or intellectual conditions to represent himself. Surprisingly, the OAS is spending financial resources it does not possess to support someone who acts as a surrogate of the power that belongs to the Member States.


The peoples of the continent surprisingly and indignantly observe such obscenity. We are well aware, likewise, that the OAS General Assembly in the Dominican Republic commanded this permanent organization to resolve the deplorable behaviour of Luis Almagro, and his disrespect for OAS Charter, which remains a pending task.


We, who sign this communication, undoubtedly comply with our duties. We are committed to fervently defend our nation with objective truth, and with our arguments and our testimony with highly democratic conviction. We will not passively accept the conspiracy and interventionist dishonest deals of who should have been out of his position a long time ago, which he still indignantly holds as Secretary General.
It is not a secret that the previous U.S Government, led by the powerful lobbyists of the transnational corporations, imposed a complex framework of destabilization against the Bolivarian political model by issuing Barack Obama’s Executive Order that, with no argument or proof whatsoever, qualified our people as “an unusual and extraordinary threat” to its security and foreign policy.


There is an upcoming intervention. That is why Luis Almagro, aware of its illegality and illegitimacy, has urged local NGOs funded by USAID and NEG -which did not have the courage to repudiate the April 2002 coup and have not condemned any of the outrages of fascism- to demand the expulsion of Venezuela from the OAS. Obviously, it is a crude game widely known in the Organization, in which everyone knows who is who. There are no surprises.


Mr. President of the Permanent Council, Distinguished Permanent Representatives, never before in the history of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, the Venezuelan people had been so determined in defending its rights. We fully exercise them. We have an impact on public decisions, and in the same way, we have duties and responsibilities to fulfil. These are, among others, the defence of our sovereignty, and the freely-elected Constitutional President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro Moros; our democracy, our political model which, of course, is an imperative in the Charter of this organization.


We invite you not to let them confuse you. We invite you to continue supporting the National Dialogue. Not doing so would be hard to forgive for the brotherly peoples you represent in that honourable Permanent Council.



The undersigned Social Organizations:


  • 165 Venezuelan
  • 1 by Mexico
  • 2 Argentina
  • 25 Spain
  • 1 Galicia
  • 3 Basque Country
  • 2 Australia
  • 1 Morocco
  • 2 Colombia
  • 2 Bulgaria
  • 3 Panama
  • 2 Switzerland
  • 1 Sweden
  • 5 Ecuador
  • 4 Nicaraguan
  • 2 Italy
  • 1 Brazil
  • 1 Scotland

* 225 Social Organizations of the World subscribed the Document- More than 182 solidarity partners in a personal capacity.