PRESS RELEASE: Helicopter attack on Supreme Court in Venezuela Condemned.

A helicopter from the Venezuela’s Scientific, Penal and Criminal Investigations agency was stolen Tuesday evening. It then circled around the Supreme Court building, firing shots which were then followed by explosions.

Specifically, the Interior Ministry, where 80 people were still at work, was shot at 15 times, before four grenades were thrown at the Supreme Court. Here, a session of the Constitutional Court was taking place and hundreds of people were still working in their offices.

British campaigners on Venezuela have condemned the attack and called on all parties domestically and internationally to support dialogue as the way forward for Venezuela.

VSC Secretary Dr. Francisco Dominguez said, “We unequivocally condemn last night’s terrorist attack against the Ministry of Interior and the Supreme Court at which shots were fired and grenades were thrown from a hijacked helicopter right at the moment when well publicised events were taking place, putting numerous civilian lives at risk.  Nothing can justify such terrorist attack and we hope this is widely condemned in Venezuela by all sectors of society. “

He added, “We call upon all governments internationally – including the British government – to support the internationally backed dialogue process as the best and only way forward for Venezuela.”