President Maduro : Opposition’s Neoliberal Model ‘Destroys Everything’

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro issued his State of the Union speech Friday in which he outlined a series of important reforms aimed at boosting his country’s economy, while criticizing the neoliberal model the opposition intends to impose on the country which he says “destroys everything.”

“What we want for the year 2016 is that our country enters down a path of development and economic growth that generates wealth and employment,” Maduro stated.

In efforts to achieve this, the president announced the implementation of an “economic emergency” decree.

The “economic emergency” involves making resources from the 2015 financial year available, assigning extra funds to health, education, food, and housing; designing and implementing measures to prevent tax evasion; and giving the executive the “authorization to address the causes of the current situation.”

The measure also allows the administration special temporary powers to boost production and ensure access to key goods, including taking over private companies’ resources, imposing currency controls and “other social, economic or political measures deemed fitting.”

During his speech, Maduro went on to highlight the differences between his administration’s socio-economic policies and members of the Venezuelan opposition stating, “There are two models, the neoliberal model which destroys everything and the chavista model which is centered around people.”

He also pointed out that Venezuela’s leadership is currently formulating an alternative to the current model of economic growth that will not contradict the ideals of the country’s social revolution.

Friday’s address marked his first to the country’s new National Assembly, dominated by legislators from the right-wing MUD coalition.

The MUD secured a majority in the National Assembly during elections in December, and have since vowed to oust Maduro from office.

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