117 Leading British Political Figures Express Opposition to US Sanctions on Venezuela

As Parliament dissolves for the 2015 election, with the help of our supporters contacting their MPs, 117 leading British politicians of 6 different political parties/persuasions have signed a statement (copied below) supporting Latin America’s work for peace and dialogue in Venezuela and opposing US sanctions on Venezuela – thanks for your support!

  1. Dave Anderson MP,
  2. William Bain MP,
  3. Dame Anne Begg MP,
  4. Clive Betts MP,
  5. Roberta Blackman-Woods MP,
  6. Paul Blomfield MP,
  7. Sarah Boyack MSP,
  8. Annette Brooke MP,
  9. Richard Burden MP,
  10. Molly Scott Cato MEP,
  11. Martin Caton MP,
  12. Katy Clark MP,
  13. Ann Clwyd MP,
  14. Michael Connarty MP,
  15. Jeremy Corbyn MP,
  16. David Crausby MP,
  17. Mike Crockart MP,
  18. Alex Cunnigham MP,
  19. Jim Cunningham MP,
  20. Nic Dakin MP,
  21. Ian Davidson MP,
  22. Geraint Davies MP,
  23. John Denham MP,
  24. Rt. Hon Frank Dobson MP,
  25. Brian Donohoe MP,
  26. Frank Doran MP,
  27. Jim Dowd MP,
  28. Mark Durkan MP,
  29. Alan Durrant MP,
  30. Jonathan Edwards MP,
  31. Bill Esterson MP,
  32. Neil Findlay MSP,
  33. John Finnie MSP,
  34. Paul Flynn MP,
  35. Hywel Francis MP,
  36. George Galloway MP,
  37. Andrew George MP,
  38. Lord Anthony Gifford QC,
  39. Sheila Gilmore MP,
  40. Baroness Anne Gibson,
  41. Pat Glass MP,
  42. Mary Glindon MP,
  43. Roger Godsiff MP,
  44. Tom Greatrex MP,
  45. Nia Griffith MP,
  46. John Griffiths AM (Welsh Assembly Member,)
  47. Rt. Hon. Peter Hain MP,
  48. David Hamilton MP,
  49. Mike Hancock MP,
  50. Mike Hedges AM (Welsh Assembly Member,)
  51. Mark Hendrick MP,
  52. Stephen Hepburn MP,
  53. Meg Hillier MP,
  54. Cara Hilton MSP,
  55. Kate Hoey MP,
  56. Jim Hood MP,
  57. Kelvin Hopkins MP,
  58. George Howarth MP,
  59. Glenda Jackson MP,
  60. Cathy Jamieson MP,
  61. Bethan Jenkins AM (Welsh Assembly Member,)
  62. Darren Johnson AM (London Assembly Member,)
  63. Baroness Jenny Jones AM (London Assembly Member,)
  64. Rt. Hon. Sir Gerald Kaufman MP,
  65. Baroness Glenys Kinnock,
  66. Jean Lambert MEP,
  67. Ian Lavery MP,
  68. John Leech MP,
  69. Andy Love MP,
  70. Alex Lowley MSP,
  71. Caroline Lucas MP,
  72. Elfyn Llwyd MP,
  73. John McDonnell MP,
  74. Jim McGovern MP,
  75. Catherine McKinnell MP,
  76. Siobhan McMahon MSP,
  77. Anne McTaggart MSP,
  78. Michael Meacher MP,
  79. Ian Mearns MP,
  80. Julie Morgan AM (Welsh Assembly Member,)
  81. Graeme Morrice MP,
  82. Grahame Morris MP,
  83. Ian Murray MP,
  84. Lord Martin O’Neill of Clackmannan,
  85. Fiona O’Donnell MP,
  86. Sandra Osborne MP,
  87. Albert Owen MP,
  88. Rt. Hon Lord Pendry PC,
  89. Baroness Margaret Prosser,
  90. Murad Qureshi AM (London Assembly Member,)
  91. Yasmin Qureshi MP,
  92. Jenny Rathbone AM (Welsh Assembly Member,)
  93. Lord Nic Rea,
  94. David Rees AM (Welsh Assembly Member,)
  95. Linda Riordan MP,
  96. RT. Hon. Dame Joan Ruddock MP,
  97. John Robertson MP,
  98. Alex Rowley MSP,
  99. Lindsey Roy MP CBE,
  100. Barry Sheerman MP,
  101. Jim Sheridan MP,
  102. Rt. Hon. Andrew Smith MP,
  103. Elaine Smith MSP,
  104. Keith Taylor MEP,
  105. Rhodri Glyn Thomas AM (Welsh Assembly member)
  106. Stephen Timms MP,
  107. Derek Twigg MP,
  108. Jean Urquhart MSP,
  109. Valerie Vaz MP,
  110. David Ward MP,
  111. Tom Watson MP,
  112. Mike Weir MP,
  113. Sandra White MSP,
  114. Hywel Williams MP,
  115. Mark Williams MP,
  116. Chris Williamson MP
  117. Mike Wood MP

Statement Text:

“We the undersigned join Latin America’s main regional bodies such as the Organisation of American States (by 29 votes to 3) and UNASUR (Union of South American nations) in both condemning the ongoing wave of anti-democratic violence from extreme elements of Venezuela’s right-wing opposition [in early 2014], whose declared aim (‘La Salida’) is the ousting of the elected government, and in supporting the calls of Venezuela’s elected President Nicolas Maduro for peace and dialogue.
We agree with the OAS in its call for “respect for the principle of non intervention in the internal affairs of states and its commitment to the defense of democratic institutionalism of the state of law in agreement with the OAS Charter and international law,” and therefore disagree with all external interference, including through any US sanctions on Venezuela.
We urge all parties internationally to support the efforts of UNASUR, through its commission on this issue, in working for peace and dialogue in Venezuela.”