Latin American Regional Body Mercosur condemns violence in Venezuela and supports Maduro’s calls for dialogue

Mercosur (the common market of the South) country members, have issued an official release rejecting all acts of violence and condemning the destabilization attempts against the government of Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro.

The statement reads that member states from Mercosur “repudiate all kind of violence and intolerance which pretends to attack democracy and its institutions, whatever its origin”, and “reiterates its strong commitment [to] the full exercise of democratic institutions, and in that framework rejects the criminal actions from violent groups that want to disseminate intolerance and hatred as an instrument of political struggle” in Venezuela.

They also reject all threats against the democratic order and constitution, and reiterate their strong position in defense and preservation of the democratic institutions, as indicated in the 1998 Ushuaia Protocol on Mercosur democratic commitment.

Furthermore, the statement calls on all sides ”to continue addressing the nation’s problems through dialogue in the framework of the democratic institutions, rule of the law, as has been promoted by President Nicolas Maduro in recent weeks“. Maduro has called on all the sectors of society, including Parliament members, mayors and governors from all political parties, to work through dialogue for peace and harmony in the country.

Finally the release extends its condolences to the families of the fatal victims, ”the result of provoked serious disturbances, and fully trusts that the Venezuelan government will not rest in its effort to keep the peace and full guarantees for all citizens”.

* This article is based on reports from Mercopress and Prensa Latina. The MERCOSUR communiqué was released on Sunday evening, with the Argentinian Foreign Ministry expressing the position of the regional group, which is also formed by Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Venezuela.