Venezuelan Government Makes Continued Dialogue Call as Opposition Considers Next Step

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By Ewan Robertson for Venezuelan authorities have renewed their offer to the opposition to join dialogue talks while the opposition’s leadership considers their next move following the dissipation of protests. On Thursday Venezuelan vice president Jorge Arreaza said that despite repeated calls for the opposition’s Democratic Unity Table (MUD) to join dialogue talks to…

Venezuela’s Maduro Launches “SOS Palestine” Campaign to Demand End to Israeli Bombardment


By EWAN ROBERTSON for Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro has launched an “SOS Palestine” campaign to demand an end to Israel’s ongoing bombardment of Palestine’s Gaza strip. “Enough already, I’ve joined the campaign. #SOS Palestina, let’s launch it,” he told supporters during a televised broadcast. Holding up a handwritten placard, he asked fellow citizens to…

Further Deepening of Venezuela’s Social Programmes As Extreme Poverty Falls (Missions)

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Venezuela’s Vice-President for Social Affairs, Hector Rodriguez, has offered an evaluation of the first month’s activity of ‘Red Sundays of Social Missions’, in which he disclosed that 1,200 of the 1,500 targeted communities have been attended to since the launch of the programme on June 8th by President  Nicolas Maduro. “It’s a very positive evaluation” explained…

VIDEO: London Celebration of Venezuelan Independence Day


Including interview clips from Richard Gott (writer), Megan Dobney (SERTUC Regional Secretary), Steve Hart (CLASS), David Raby (writer), Jayne Fisher (SERTUC International Committee) & VSC co-ordinator Matt Willgress.

65 Leading British Political Figures Express Opposition to Proposed US Sanctions – Can You Help Us Get More?

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With the help of our supporters contacting their MPs, 65 leading British politicians of 6 different political parties/persuasions have signed a statement (copied below) supporting Latin America’s work for peace and dialogue in Venezuela and opposing proposed US sanctions on Venezuela. You can ask your MP to add their name by using our easy online…

Unite, Britain’s largest union, passes a motion in support of President Maduro & Venezuela


Unite the Union, the largest union in Britain and Europe, this week unanimously passed a motion to support the government of President Nicolas Maduro and re-affirming their support for the Venezuela Solidarity Campaign. The motion was presented during Unite’s Annual Conference, which this year was held in Liverpool. The text of the motion and notes…

Venezuela records highest school inclusion rate ever

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Education minister Hector Rodriguez reaffirmed last week that Venezuela has the highest school inclusion rate of its history. “We have the highest school inclusion rate ever; we have increased investment in matters of education,” Rodriguez said during a forum organized by a local private communications company, in Caracas. Rodriguez added that “prior the nineties,  the possibility…

Rejecting US claims that the Venezuelan state sanctions human rights abuses


By the VSC Media & Information Working Group On 28 May, the US House of Representatives voted for the Obama government to impose sanctions against Venezuela. The decision followed votes in the Foreign Relations’ Committees of both Congress and the Senate approving the ‘Venezuelan Human Rights and Democracy Protection Act’. The vote is not binding…

U.S. House of Representatives Ignores Latin American Consensus, Passes Sanctions against Venezuela

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Caracas, 28th May 2014 , by Despite emphatic opposition from UNASUR, CARICOM, the OAS, the Movement of Non-Aligned Nations, the Venezuelan President, the Venezuelan National Assembly and Venezuelan public opinion, the U.S. House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly for sanctions. A last ditch appeal by Representative John Conyers of Michigan and 13 other progressive Democrats…

Venezuelan Government Exposes Plot to Assassinate President Maduro


Edited from a piece by Z.C. DUTKA at On Wednesday, Venezuelan authorities publicized correspondences between opposition leaders and U.S. diplomats which, they say, constitute a plan to assassinate president Nicolas Maduro and overthrow his administration. (You can see the document in English circulated by the Venezuelan Government at ) Jorge Rodriguez, mayor of Libertador municipality…