72 Leading British Political Figures Express Opposition to Proposed US Sanctions – Can You Help Us Get More?

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With the help of our supporters contacting their MPs, 72 leading British politicians of 6 different political parties/persuasions have signed a statement (copied below) supporting Latin America’s work for peace and dialogue in Venezuela and opposing proposed US sanctions on Venezuela. You can ask your MP to add their name by using our easy online tool here….

Venezuela to send second shipment of aid to Gaza

Plane of aid to Palestine

From Telesur English On Monday the Venezuelan government will send another 60 tons of products for humanitarian aid to Palestinians in Gaza. This will be the second shipment of supplies, with the first 12 ton shipment set to arrive in Gaza through Egypt this Tuesday. Minister of Foreign Affairs, Elias Jaua detailed the content of…

U.S. Financial Terrorism & its “Vulture Funds” by Carolus Wimmer


The Republic of Argentina is today victim of U.S. “financial terrorism” with the so-called “vulture funds”, a violent strategy of capitalism that threatens the sovereignty, security and defense of the Argentine people. These funds have a purely speculative nature and are an expression of the international class struggle of capitalism, which attacks the sovereignty and financial stability…

Venezuela & the New Latin America Lead the Way in Solidarity with Gaza


In contrast with western complicity with Israel’s attack on Gaza, Venezuela and its allies are offering concrete help to Palestine, says Matt Willgress The Venezuelan Foreign Affairs Ministry has been transformed into a hub of activity over recent weeks as Venezuelans responded en masse to their revolutionary government’s call to provide donations for the people…

Venezuelans Donate Tons of Goods for Gaza & Will Send Oil


The Venezuelan Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Caracas has been transformed into a hub of activity over the past few days, as Venezuelans respond en masse to the government’s call to provide donations for the people of the besieged Gaza strip in Palestine. “We have more than a plane’s worth of donations to send, more…

Venezuela Offers Shelter to Palestinian Children


President Maduro announced that Venezuela is going to shelter orphaned and wounded Palestinian children. On Thursday President Maduro announced that he is setting up a shelter for Palestinian children who have been orphaned and injured during Israel´s assault on the Gaza Strip. In a speech delivered at the end of the national congress of the…

Latin America United in Support for Palestine


As violence against Gaza escalates, Latin America remains the most outspoken region in favour of the Palestinian people. As the conflict between Israel and Hamas escalates rapidly, various Latin American countries have denounced the violence in the area and the deaths of hundreds of civilians, and taken strong stances against the actions of the Israeli…

Venezuela Marks 60 Years since Birth of Hugo Chavez


By EWAN ROBERTSON for Venezuelanalysis.com Venezuelan’s Bolivarian movement on Monday celebrated 60 years since the birth of former president Hugo Chavez. The iconic leader died of cancer in March last year after being reelected to a third constitutional term by a wide margin on 7 October 2012. A military officer from a humble background, Chavez spearheaded the…

AGM 2014: After Chávez, the Empire Strikes Back – Building Solidarity Against US Intervention & Anti-democratic Destabilisation


AGM 2014: Saturday, October 4, 10:00am registraton for 10.30am start at The Discus, Unite House, 128 Theobalds Road, London, WC1 with: Dr. Julia Buxton // Hugh O’Shaughnessy, writer &  journalist // Dr. Francisco Dominguez, VSC & Co-author Right Wing Politics in the New Latin America // Tony Burke, Unite AGS // Fidel Narvaez, Ecuadorean Embassy //…

Viva La Solidaridad!

Viva La Solidaridad update front cover

Venezuela & other progressive countries have been at the forefront of leading international solidarity with Palestine whilst Gaza has been under attack from Israel. Read more at http://bit.ly/venezuelaconpalestine