New Poll: 52% of Venezuelans Say Opposition Lacks Plan for the Nation

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By LUCAS KOERNER for A new study by the independent, Caracas-based polling firm Hinterlaces has determined that 52% of Venezuelans believe the anti-chavista opposition has no “plan for the nation,” among other surprising revelations. When asked “Is it true or false that the opposition has no plan for the nation?” 52% of respondents affirmed the statement,…

‘Operation Miracle’ – Venezuela-Cuba Initiative to Aid the Blind has Helped 4 Million

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Miracle Mission (Mission Milagro), the Cuban-Venezuelan aid mission for the blind, has helped 4 million people since its creation just over 10 years ago, Venezuelan officials announced Monday. The initiative was started by the former socialist presidents of Venezuela and Cuba, Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro, in 2004 in order to provide free treatment for…

UN Agencies Welcome Venezuela’s Human Rights Roadmap

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Venezuela’s new plan to safeguard human rights has been praised as a potential “instrument of peace and reconciliation.” United Nations organizations including the U.N. Development Programme and High Commissioner for Refugees have welcomed Venezuela’s newly unveiled four year human rights plan, foreign minister Delcy Rodriguez said Wednesday. “We have been congratulated by these international agencies…

The Making of Leopoldo Lopez

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By ROBERTO LOVATO – FOREIGN POLICY CARACAS — In the nearly year and a half since street protests rocked Caracas, the U.S. press has been kind to Leopoldo López, the 44-year-old jailed leader of Venezuela’s radical opposition. He has been painted as a combination of Nelson Mandela, Gandhi, and his distant grand uncle, Simón Bolívar,…

Venezuela Advances Human Rights & Defends Human Rights Record at UN

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Human Rights in Venezuela are frequently manipulated by the right wing media to de legitimize the progressive Government. This month the Government tackled the issue, inviting the entire country to contribute ideas to the topic. Venezuela’s Attorney General, Luisa Ortega Diaz, travelled to Geneva to present a report to the UN Human Rights Council with “abundant…

US Targets Venezuela Using Border Dispute as Pretext

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By Eric Draitser The ongoing border dispute between the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and its eastern neighbour Guyana is no simple disagreement over an arbitrary line on a map. Actually, it is a conflict of significant political and economic dimensions, one which will have deep and far-reaching geopolitical implications in the near and long term….

Venezuela Announces 4-Year Human Rights Plan


Venezuela announced Tuesday a four year plan to improve human rights, including institutional reform and better coordination with social movements. Announced by Vice President Jorge Arreaza and Security Vice President Carmen Melendez, the 2015-2019 National Plan for Human Rights aims to consolidate Venezuela’s progress in promoting human rights. “Human rights are indivisible,” Arreaza stated. According…

Venezuela Blasts US Official for Defending Disgraced Extreme Right Politician


A top U.S. official is defending former Venezuelan politician Maria Corina Machado, who was suspended from office for violating Venezuela’s laws. Venezuela hit back at U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs Roberta Jacobson Wednesday, after she took to social media to defend a controversial, far-right politician who was suspended from holding office….

Venezuela’s Maduro backs reparations for slavery

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Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has expressed his support for the Caribbean call for reparations from their former colonial powers. Maduro backed demands from 15 Caribbean nations seeking reparations from former slave-trading nations, including Britain, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Portugal, Norway, Sweden and Denmark. The demand has been raised by the Caribbean Community (CARICOM). Maduro said:…

U.S.-Venezuela Détente Still Going — For Now, by Mark Weisbrot

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By Mark Weisbrot – Al Jazeera English , July 8th 2015 For a couple of months I have noted the unprecedented diplomatic thaw between the U.S. and Venezuela. Now it is getting some attention in the major media. “The United States and Venezuela have embarked on their most extensive dialogue in years in an attempt to improve…