VIDEO: President Nicolas Maduro Pays Tribute to Tony Benn in Conversation with Jeremy Corbyn MP

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  In this moving video, Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro talks with British MP Jeremy Corbyn about Tony Benn & his life’s struggle for peace & socialism. In particular Nicolas Maduro asked Jeremy to pass on “from the revolutionary Government of Venezuela.. Our permanent recognition of this great fighter & warrior for the ideas of socialism,”…

Guardian Video & Interview with Nicolas Maduro – “Venezuela protests are sign that US wants our oil, says Nicolás Maduro”


In an exclusive interview with the Guardian, Venezuela’s president claims the Obama administration is fomenting unrest with the aim of provoking a Ukraine-style ‘slow-motion’ coup Seumas Milne and Jonathan Watts in Caracas, Tuesday 8 April 2014 14.07 BST from Link to video: Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro: ‘We are all a little bit hippy, a little bohemian’ Venezuela‘s president…

Listen to Eyewitness Ewan Robertson on What’s Really Happening in Venezuela

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On April 1, VSC hosted a packed meeting in central London with Ewan Robertson, a Scottish journalist based in Venezuela, who gave a detailed outline of the reality of the wave of violence unleashed by extreme, anti-democratic elements of Venezuela’s opposition in recent weeks. You can hear his presentation and answers to questions – plus…

Take 30 Seconds To Ask Your MP to Support Peace & Dialogue in Venezuela & Oppose Proposed US Sanctions



Venezuela: A Call For Peace – New York Times Publishes Op Ed By President Nicolas Maduro


THE recent protests in Venezuela have made international headlines. Much of the foreign media coverage has distorted the reality of my country and the facts surrounding the events.  Read the full piece at


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Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro announced today that three generals of the Venezuelan Air Force have been arrested, after they were denounced by lower-ranking officials for their involvement in alleged coup plans. “Last night we captured three Air Force generals that we had been investigating thanks to the powerful moral force of our National Bolivarian Armed…

2 Months of Eyewitness Reports & Solidarity Meetings with Venezuela!


We have now had a number of events in our series of over a month of events organised by the VSC and supported by Thompsons Solicitors telling the truth about Venezuela, including a series of Eyewitness: What’s Really Going on in Venezuela? (with Venezuela-based Scottish journalist Ewan Robertson) meetings plus No More Pinochets in Latin America – No to…

Letter to John Kerry on Venezuela calling on him to respect legitimacy of Nicolas Maduros’ government


Forty-six experts call on secretary of state to respect legitimacy of Maduro government (from Al Jazeera) Dear Secretary Kerry, We write to you out of concern over what is happening in Venezuela, and urge you to stand by democratic institutions and the rule of law there. The recent violent incidents in Venezuela are tragic and…

Tony Benn: VSC Statement

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Venezuela Solidarity Campaign Statement – RIP Tony Benn “Venezuela is pursuing a course that puts people first, giving hope not only to the people of that country, but also to millions around the world, combining the principles of democracy and social progress in order to tackle poverty and inequality.Showing our solidarity is therefore more important…

VSC Statement – Bob Crow, RMT General Secretary

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Venezuela Solidarity Campaign Statement -  RIP Bob Crow, RMT (Rail, Maritime and Transport Union) General Secretary “We oppose external intervention and believe the Venezuelan people should be free to determine their own future.” - Bob Crow, 2012. On behalf of the Venezuela Solidarity Campaign we would like to offer our deepest sympathy and condolences to Bob’s family,…