Obama Administration Indicates Support for Fresh Sanctions Against Venezuela

contra el imperialismo

Both shifting the status of Venezuelan immigrants to a special category, generally reserved for individuals facing persecution, and freezing assets of Venezuelan officials would signify a significant policy shift for the Obama administration with respect to Venezuela, writes Cory Fischer-Hoffman for Venezuelanalysis On Wednesday at a US Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing to consider Anthony…

Obama Imposes Military End-Uses Sanctions Against Venezuela

The seal of the US Bureau of Industry and Security

By Roger D. Harris, November 19th 2014 The Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) is not some paranoid figment of the imagination by civil liberation anti-corporatists, but an agency in the US Department of Commerce. Its tagline “where industry and security intersect” is a perfect metaphor for the post 9-11 corporate security state in the…

28 New Laws to Stimulate Production and Disarm Monopolies in Venezuela


Last week, Venezuela passed 28 laws collectively making up a comprehensive economic reform directed at industry, agriculture, tourism and tax revenue. 16 of the bills were revealed last Tuesday during a live broadcast from the Miraflores presidential palace, in which President Maduro argued the new measures would “diversify the economy, to guarantee its growth, and…

27,000 Price Inspectors Deployed to Counter ‘Economic War’ Against Venezuela’s Elected Government


With the Christmas holidays around the corner, the Venezuelan Government intensified efforts this month to combat the “economic war” of the commercial sectors and ensure the protection of working people’s wages and Christmas bonuses. Authorities announced the deployment of “popular price inspectors”, who will work alongside the official institutions of State to identify and combat…

SLIDESHOW: Palestinian Students Welcomed to Venezuela – Viva La Solidaridad!

Crowds greeted the Palestinian students arriving in Venezuela

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Venezuela Sends More Aid to Palestine, Receives Medical Students

President Maduro meets Palestinian students

Venezuela’s Government sent a third consignment of humanitarian aid to the embattled people of Palestine this month. In return, they greeted 119 young Palestinians who are going to be trained to be doctors at the Latin American Medical School in Caracas, demonstrating that genuine solidarity does not consist of excellent speeches, heartwarming discourses, nor best…

CONFERENCE: Latin America 2014 – Adelante!


The Latin America Conference takes place annually in London. This year’s Conference takes place in London on Saturday November 29 at Congress House and tickets can be bought at www.latinamerica2014.org.uk With special guests: • Aleida Guevara, daughter of Che • Juana Garcia, Venezuelan Women’s Ministry • Alicia Castro, Argentinian Ambassador • Guisell Morales Echaverry, Nicarguan…

Venezuela: Families of Victims of Right-Wing Violence Seek Justice

opposition violence

By Rachael Boothroyd- TeleSUR English The family members of the 44 people killed during the Venezuelan oppositino barricades and violence earlier this year gathered in Caracas today to reject the international silence over the deaths and to announce the establishment of a Committee for the Victims of the Barricades. Committee spokespeople say that they will act to bring attention…

“The Opposition Doesn’t Keep Its Word”: Interview with National Assembly President Diosdado Cabello


In this interview with private newspaper El Universal, National Assembly President Diosdado Cabello discusses the state of chavismo, confesses that he doesn’t believe in political neutrality and assures that he’s never had rift with President Nicolas Maduro. Translated and abridged by Venezuelanalysis.com. Diosdado Cabello shows himself confident about Chavismo’s strength facing the 2015 parliamentary elections,…

Alleged Mastermind of Venezuelan Legislator’s Murder Arrested As 10 People Are Held


The Venezuelan Supreme Court confirmed the arrest of a man they suspect was one of the masterminds behind the assassination of socialist party leader Robert Serra on October 1. On Friday, Venezuela’s Supreme Court announced the arrest of Jaime Padilla in association with the death of socialist legislator Robert Serra and his partner Maria Herrera….