Social Organisations of Venezuela and the World Condemn OAS attitude towards Venezuela


Venezuelan and international social movements have penned a letter to the Organisation of American States over their recent attempts to illegitimately declare a break of constitutional order in Venezuela and to invoke the Inter-American democratic charter in order to justify external intervention. A shortened version of the communique has been published below:   The subscribers of this…

Trump Casts A Shadow Over Latin America

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PATRICK FOLEY takes a look at what the new administration is likely to mean for the US’s southern neighbours DONALD TRUMP’S first few months in office have sent shockwaves across the globe, from a worldwide women’s protest to a 1.8 million-strong petition to the British Parliament, but as his anti-Latin rhetoric becomes reality, Latin Americans…

Venezuela Half-Way To Chavez’s Dream: 3M New Homes


The public housing program is innovating for requiring its inhabitants to self-organize in order to complete construction and pay back the state loan. Venezuela reached the halfway point of its goal to build three million homes for poor Venezuelans this week, the only program of its kind and one of the government’s most successful ones….

Hugo Chavez Still Venezuela’s Most Popular President: Poll


Another poll showed that Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto’s approval rate has fallen down to 17 percent — the lowest rate of his term, initiated in December 2012 Venezuela’s former socialist President Hugo Chavez remains the most popular president in the country’s history, according to a recent poll by the independent think tank Hinterlaces. According…

Let Venezuela Decide its own Fate- Not Donald Trump


The United States has been trying to oust Venezuela’s Chavista government since 1998. The Trump administration is continuing the trend, writes Ian Richardson DONALD TRUMP’S Secretary of State Rex Tillerson recently confirmed his support for regime change in Venezuela, stating that he would seek to work with right-wing governments and organisations in the region to…

ANALYSIS: Venezuela’s Caracazo: How Neoliberal Failure Led to State Repression


In February 1989, thousands of Venezuelans took the streets in a wave of protests that highlighted the right-wing misrule in the country. The protests came to be known as the Caracazo — an uprising that began in the capital Caracas — and ultimately shaped the country’s future. On Feb. 27, the poorest Venezuelans living in the barrios,…

Venezuela’s VP sets record straight on sanctions in full-page NYT advert


This week, Venezuela’s Vice President Tareck El-Aissami took out a full-page advert in the New York Times declaring the sanctions taken against him by the US Treasury illegal and defending his record on combating drug trafficking. In a strongly worded article (presented below), he compared Venezuela’s success in cracking down on drug cartels to the…

Venezuela’s Right Wing: From Violent Barricades to National Assembly


By: Rachael Boothroyd Rojas for TeleSUR English From the 2014 violence to legislative majority, Venezuela’s right-wing may change its face, but not its goal. In February 2014, Venezuela witnessed one of the most prolonged and violent periods in the past 18 years against the nationally elected government. What began as violence at some of the country’s…

ANALYSIS: The Context of Trump’s ‘Vile Aggression’ Against Venezuela


The announcement of sanctions against Venezuela’s vice president conveniently left out some revealing, and self-incriminating, details. On Monday, the U.S. launched its latest diplomatic attack on Venezuela by officially putting Vice President Tareck El Aissami on a sanctions list reserved for “drug kingpins” without offering any evidence or issuing any criminal charges. Venezuela was quick…

Venezuela Blasts “Illegal” US Sanctions Against VP


By Lucas Koerner for Venezuela’s Foreign Ministry issued a statement Tuesday denouncing a move by the Trump administration to sanction Venezuelan Vice-President Tarek El Aissami over drug trafficking allegations. On Monday, the Treasury Department froze all of El Aissami’s alleged assets in the US under the Foreign Narcotics Kingpin Designation Act, making the vice-president…